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    Syllabus  and Complete material with Answers

Comprehension Passages and meanings, Antonyms , synonyms        better to learn

        Read the following passages twice or thrice  and get compete idea on the passage and then attempt the question with correct answers, When we read more and more definitely  we can get an ideas on every question. 

Passage no : 1

          There were many turns and major events in our freedom struggle.  In all these movements the center if action is Mahatma Gandhi. He started non- cooperation movement to achieve  Independence . As  a part of this movement Gandhi gave call to people to ban all foreign goods. The entire nation took part in this movement.  

       Nehru's family members were in the forefront of the movement, as usual.  Before this movement Nehru's house " Anand Nilayam "in Allahabad was packed with Foreign goods. When the non-cooperation movement started the members piled all foreign goods and burnt them. Nehru's daughter Indira was very active in this program me. She felt happy when she gave her foreign toys and clothes. All her valuable article were turned to ashes. Such was the dedication of Nehru and his family members towards the freedom movement . In this way Patriotism took its roots in Indra even in her childhood  

1.   What was the major event of non-cooperation movement?

  a) To bring unity among all Indians                                     b) The ban of all Foreign goods 

  c) To take part in Freedom struggle                                    d) To increase the help to British

2. Why did Indira feel happy?

  a) Because she had many foreign toys                                b) Because she had foreign clothes 

  c)Because she took part in  the Freedom struggle          d)Because she gave all her foreign toys  and clothes to fire

3. What was Anand Nilayam ? 

   a) The house of Nehru                                                              b) The toy house of Indira

   c) The congress part house of Allahabad                            d)The name of a hospital 

4. Who gave a call to ban all foreign goods?

  a) Nehru                                                                                         b) Indira Gandhi

  c) Gandhi                                                                                       d) Motilal Nehru         


5. Why did the members of the Nehru family burn their foreign goods ?

 a) Boycotting  foreign goods were part of non-cooperation movement   

 b)Because Gandhiji asked them to show their anger   by burnig all foreign goods

 c) Because Foreign goods were Costly and they were not good quality

 d) Boycotting foreign goods became the fashion of the day

  Answers  1. B    2. A    3. A   4. D      5. A


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